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 OOOHHH!! New guild event!

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PostSubject: OOOHHH!! New guild event!   Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:42 pm

Hey guys! Sorry for my late posting on this :S I announced this in guild before my finals got over but I was a bit distracted with studying...anywho here is the contest!

It's a FF (Frostcovered) event!

It's going to be done on a basis of a rewards system everyone is eligible for every reward! You just need to get the points to get upto that point. Also this is a continuous system..meaning that you get each reward that you hit. For example if you get enough for the second prize, then you get both the first prize and the second prize. This event will go on through May 31st. Hopefully giving everyone enough time to get what they want.

The way it works:

For every full FF you complete you get 3 points. I've been told alot of parties only get through half of the bosses so if you complete half (yes has to be can not just be going into ff killing a mob or two and count) of FF you get one point. Parties in or out of guild count...but hopefully this will motivate people to do some ff together as a guild Smile

10 points gets a dragon orb
20 points gets a experience scroll
30 points gets a tiger scroll (or coral pack or anniversary pack..depending on what ever ive got available..since they're all pretty similar)
50 points gets a gold charm (ive got both hp and mp available.)

so please post here when you get to each of the marks on the point system. Or you can post here and just simply use it to keep tabs on how many you've done Very Happy

Hope everyone enjoys this ^^

I am not a forum monkey. I am just a monkey Razz

Ty dre for the siggy. I am very proud to be Aesir's leader Smile
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PostSubject: Re: OOOHHH!! New guild event!   Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:30 am

going to put this out there for when i get a chance to log in ratating shift work sucks for playing BTW. if you need a DD for FF just ask half the time i am distracted while playing anyhow and don't always see guild chat with people asking. rei usually just sends me a personel chat so if you need a DD feel free to do the same if i am on. if i get groups going as i average about 2 a day if spots are open from whats left from the friends outside guild that are in group ill open then up to guild more openly while the event goes on.


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OOOHHH!! New guild event!
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