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PostSubject: Signing up to forums:   Signing up to forums: EmptyFri Sep 18, 2009 12:00 pm

For those of you reading this that havent signed up, please do so with your in game name. (Or a name that would be obvious as to who you are in guild.) We are going to be keeping an close eye on who is and isnt in guild with membership lists.

As for signing up, I know the font on here is some fields it looks like you havent typed. I have tried to play with all settings in here to fix that but I can't find one that doesnt change the whole text on the forums from white. Changing it away might be something we have to do. However, for the time being, when you sign up please take the time to high light your text as you fill in the blanks. This will let you see what you've typed already. The password wont show what words you typed, but that's standard on any password form.

If you have any questions or experience difficulties signing up please let me know in game.

I am not a forum monkey. I am just a monkey Razz

Signing up to forums: Reisha

Ty dre for the siggy. I am very proud to be Aesir's leader Smile
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Signing up to forums:
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